Deep Takes the Fashion Scene by Storm

by Hannah Turner
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In a bold move aimed at strengthening its market position and expanding creative horizons, Rag & Bone has acquired a majority stake in DEEP, the innovative fashion brand it launched just months ago. This strategic acquisition underscores Rag & Bone’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, cementing its influence in the contemporary fashion industry.

A Rapid Rise to Prominence

DEEP burst onto the scene in New York City with resounding acclaim, swiftly gaining traction for its daring designs and eco-conscious ethos. The brand’s distinctive fusion of functionality and artistry has struck a chord with a diverse audience, prompting Rag & Bone to deepen its investment in this promising venture.

“We are incredibly proud of what DEEP has achieved in such a short time,” said Marcus Wainwright, co-founder and CEO of Rag & Bone. “Acquiring a majority stake allows us to integrate DEEP’s pioneering ethos more thoroughly into Rag & Bone’s overarching strategy.”

Synergizing Creativity and Innovation

By taking a majority stake in DEEP, Rag & Bone aims to capitalize on the creative synergies between the two brands. This strategic move will enable a more cohesive development of groundbreaking products, leveraging DEEP’s avant-garde design philosophy alongside Rag & Bone’s renowned reputation for quality and craftsmanship.

“This acquisition marks a natural progression for both brands,” Wainwright added. “It empowers us to push the boundaries of contemporary fashion while upholding our commitment to quality and sustainability.”

A Commitment to Sustainability

DEEP has distinguished itself through a steadfast focus on sustainability, utilizing eco-friendly materials and ethical production practices. Rag & Bone plans to integrate these principles more broadly across its operations, aligning with the increasing consumer demand for responsible fashion choices.

Expanding Market Presence

The acquisition is poised to bolster Rag & Bone’s market presence significantly, appealing to both existing customers and new demographics alike. The combined strengths of Rag & Bone and DEEP will create a robust platform for launching innovative collections and expanding into new markets.

Looking ahead, Rag & Bone is committed to further expanding DEEP’s footprint both domestically and internationally. This includes exploring new retail locations, pop-up stores, and collaborative ventures aimed at enhancing the brand’s visibility and impact.


Rag & Bone’s acquisition of a majority stake in DEEP marks a significant milestone in the fashion industry. By integrating DEEP’s innovative and sustainable approach into its broader strategy, Rag & Bone is poised to lead new trends and solidify its position at the forefront of contemporary fashion. As DEEP continues to flourish under Rag & Bone’s stewardship, the future appears promising for both brands, promising a harmonious blend of creativity, innovation, and sustainability in the fashion landscape.

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