In 2023, this best-selling author will be the entrepreneur to watch

by Hannah Turner
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J.J. Hebert used the connections he made through his publisher, MindStir Media, to connect celebrities with authors he had never met before.

J.J. Hebert is once again shaking up the book publishing industry by connecting independent authors and celebrities to promote their books. OK Magazine, J.J. Hebert uses his contacts through his publisher, his MindStir Media, to connect celebrities with never-before-seen writers.

J.J. Hebert

MindStir Media, publisher J.J. Founded in 2009 and still independent, his Hebert was named the best book publisher in Los Angeles by IBT. As leading book publishers, MindStir Media and his J.J. Hebert have partnered with Ernest Hemingway’s granddaughter, Mariel Hemingway, and his Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank. These two personalities also help promote the author’s work through prefaces and his videos promoting the book posted on YouTube. Other celebrities have worked with Daniel Baldwin and Kate Flannery, Meredith of The Office.

JJ Hebert is also the creator of Mariel Hemingway’s Book Club, which he co-founded with Mariel Hemingway earlier this year. The new club aims to be an alternative to Oprah’s Book Club as Mariel’s Club welcomes independently published authors and does not focus solely on traditionally published books. Chris Masiello’s Change Short & Simple is one of the most recent titles chosen by Mariel Hemingway’s Book Club.

The book was expunged by Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank with the help of J.J. “Change Short & Simple not only guides us through change but explains how to invite, embrace and encourage change in our lives,” Harrington explained. As part of Mariel Hemingway’s Book Club selection, Mariel Hemingway himself praised the book.

“Chris Masiello’s book is an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs (and everyone else) to find solace in the vicissitudes of business. If we can see everything that happens in our journey (work or otherwise) as an opportunity, we will find ourselves anchored in the unfolding of success. Chris applies this wisdom simply and practically. provided by “

In December 2022, J.J. Hebert and MindStir Media also helped put Masiello’s book on the Wall Street Journal’s bestseller list. As an indie book, Change Short & Simple still manages to earn its #1 spot on the WSJ’s bestseller list. 6 non-fiction e-books. JJ pulled the strings behind the scenes to run the promotion and win the book charts.

Supporting independent authors is a common thread for J.J. Herbert’s work. As an indie writer, I know how difficult it is to break into J.J. publishing. He signed a deal with a copyright agent in his early 2000s but ultimately decided to self-publish his debut novel Unconventional in 2009. The novel has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide.

Since finding his success, he has helped other writers build audiences through J.J. MindStir Media. From celebrities and videos to his campaigns for books, his clubs, and national bestsellers, J.J. has revolutionized publishing by independent authors as one of the leading entrepreneurs in the publishing industry.

Today, himself a USA Today and The Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Forbes, and J.J. Hebert are poised to continue to make an impact on the publishing industry this year and in the years to come. For all these reasons, J.J. Herbert is the entrepreneur to watch in 2023.

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